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The ‘Kranmärkt’ label

Tap water in Sweden is fresh, healthy, locally-sourced and available 24/7, some of the best
water in the world. Yet, we still buy huge amounts of bottled water that requires heavy
transportation and production costs, causing unnecessary pollution and waste.
The Swedish Water & Wastewater Association wants to change that.

‘Kranmärkt’ is our ‘Eco-tap’ label, our sustainability label for businesses and
organisations that choose tap water over bottled water as an environmentally
friendly and much more economical choice.

‘Kranmärkt’ is a sustainability label and not a certification. This means that
participating businesses and organisations are responsible themselves
for maintaining the standards of the ‘Kranmärkt’ label.

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Du kan välja att kranmärka hela din verksamhet eller enskilda konferenser och event som din organisation anordnar.